May 23rd, 2010

prisma awesomeness, doodle, characters

In which I ramble some more

So one of my really good friends started reading a bunch of my short stories (sadly, most are WIPs), but she said that she was addicted and insisted that I turn one of them into a webcomic.

Now, I'm working on the script for a webcomic with my bestie buddy Thor, but the going is slow, and I <b>do</b> need practice...

So last night I sat down on the phone with her, and we plotted the most plottiness awesome web comic ever, which is full of serious business, doesn't take itself seriously, and is never serious.

Was that supposed to make sense?


What should you take from this?

If I can stay motivated, there will be an amazing webcomic coming your way. Will I need to be nagged? Just maybe. Is this the right place to ask for nagging? More than likely not, I have three friends on here, one of which is I think, myself.

But I'm going to work on the character designs as soon as I finish checking my messages and eating, and I'm going to start getting all of this stuff worked out.

Also, for those of you who've noticed that my deviantart is 87% photography, rest assured, I can draw. I'm not exactly beyond fantastic orgasmic drool level, but I'm not horrible. Honest. My LJ icon is a doodle I did of a very old character of mine, her name is Rea. I have more sketchbooks full of random stuff than I I do completed short stories, or even chapters for the rest of them. And there are widely available examples of my writing, so it's not like my abilities to be able to tell a story should be in doubt.

The one thing I am kinda sketchy on is my style when it comes to digital coloring, and I need some practice with actual panel layout, but I'm gonna work on that.