September 3rd, 2012

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False Front (It's the working title, shuddup) excerpt

I'm posting an excerpt, because I could seriously use some motivation to write more than a paragraph a year. I've got at least the general plot, as far as when boss battles happen, but I'm stuck (don't worry, I gots a buddy that can help with that) on how to get things from point A to B, and haven't touched the prologue revamp in ten months. I have written bits of small scenes here and there (which obviously will be rewritten when they come up later--it's just so I don't forget the gist of what I want to happen for the time being).

Seriously, comments will help me want to write. I would love comments. I will (for the time being) even settle for "cool" or an emoticon. More is of course much appreciated.

Basics about the story:

Main group of chars are a supernatural clean up team. Their main objective is to keep your regular every day humans from finding out that the things that go bump in the night really exist, and will do basically anything to keep things quiet.

Gods become pretty heavily involved.

Obligatory warnings (for the entire novel/series/whatever this turns out to be):

Graphic violence, general adult content, excessive swearing, self-mutilation, gore, triggering content, (possible sex? not sure yet), and...well, that covers the bases for now at least. It's definitely not intended for kids.

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It's worth mentioning the main char is a touch addled in the head. She's lost quite a few marbles.

Edit 1: Also, I can't get the cut to work. Apologies all around--there shouldn't be anything triggering in here though.

Edit 2: Oh, now the cut works.