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I'm moving sometime in the next few days. Monday is the 'official' date, but we can get the keys before that. And my dad sent me three hundred dollars to help out with the cost of everything, which means...

Tomorrow, if we get the keys, I'm getting a dog! I'm so excited, you guys have no idea!

It's a Treeing Walker Hound, and it's the sweetest dog ever, and it'll actually get along with the cats, which is, I think, the only important thing to my boyfriend, aside from me being the one to take care of it, which was my plan anyways since he's more of a cat person in the first place.

I've glomped Bob probably a dozen times now. He's a good candidate for that whole glomping thing. I can't knock him off balance with my excitement.

I'm going to name her Shiola.

But, I'll probably be a little absent from the internet for a month or so, until I get it up and running in my new place. I'm gonna take probably the whole month of July to just make sure that we're financially stable enough before I set internet up or anything. So in the meantime, I'll be bumming/hanging out where I have internet access.

In comic news, I think I've finally decided on the final main characters. Weeded out the ones I don't want/need, and I've done the (lines for) the turnaround sheets. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before they're colored and I can start on the pages.
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