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So...It's been a while.

No, I don't have internet yet, but I seem to have unintentionally dedicated this day to catching up on all of my emails, deviantART messages, Livejournal stuff, webcomics, and everything else, so it only seemed fitting to ramble a little bit.

I'm hoping to have internet sometime soon, hopefully before the end of the month, even if just barely.

Things are good on the homefront. I've got a new job, it's cozy, the learning curve isn't too terrible, and in one week I made more than I did in two weeks at my old job. I'm currently hungry, and undercaffinated, and could kinda use a cigarette. And with all the free time that I've had from lack of internet, I've been re-reading the Wheel of Time series (rather than working on projects, but I'll get to all that in a moment). God, but I love that series. Rest in Peace, Robert Jordan. I know you're surely rolling in your grave cuz of everything they're doing to your series, but the sentiment remains. You were a good man, and an amazing author, and you deserve peace.

So haunt those bastards that are ruining your work for the better part of at LEAST twenty years. Haunt them good.

And as far as project stuff goes, the webcomic I mentioned especially...I'm gonna write it. And then I'm gonna adapt it to comic form. I want to work on it, but I can't figure out certain elements, like how to color it, page layout, so on and so forth. So I'm gonna write it, and then put it into comic form. I'll put the chapters and any relevant doodles up here, of course. And, in case it hasn't been mentioned yet, the name of this venture is False Front. ^^

Oh. I've learned to type and smoke with my cig in hand. No typos, and I'm still pretty fast. And, I don't ash on my keyboard. ^^ Go me. I don't like to just keep puffing on it, cuz you don't really get anything from it and the smoke burns your nose and your eyes, and it's no fun.

Um...I can't really think of anything else. Had to get rid of my dog, and my best friend is moving in with me for a while, which is great because I miss her, and I feel lonely here. Other than that....can't think of anything.
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