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shit, I hate waiting

So, I'm sitting in the car, fiddling around with my phone, just waiting. My roommate/best friend got a job at my real world job. Thing is, is orientation is day as shit and also at a different location. And I'm getting bored, so I figure why not post here.

Congrats to ree on her submission. I think that is beyond completely awesome.

I'm hard at work on my comic right now. My time is really divided, so I'm not spending as much time as I would like on it, but it is coming along rather nicely. It shouldn't be too much longer before there is actual news, now. I'm working on practice pages straight out of the script, and man, let me tell you, I cannot wait to get past all of the exposition and hit the middle. That's where it gets super fun for me to write. Not that I'm not having fun with it now, but I don't like it when things go this smoothly for my characters, you know?

So, I'm gonna light up, keep waiting, and do some research.

Keep tuned in, I guess.
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