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This is the price you pay for loss of control

Roran B
External Services:
  • hiringparanoia@livejournal.com
Meet Roran. Her lists of aliases include HiringParanoia, Wrath, and various nicknames that she not only despises, but is likely to beat you senseless for using.

This includes her legal name, depending on who's using it.

After years of extremely unnatural hair color, mokawks and even a shaved head (she is still attempting to recover hair length from the latter incidents), she has finally reverted back to her natural state of plain and boring dark brown hair, purely for job hunting and financial reasons. Said hair barely covers the sixteen piercings in her ears well enough to get by at work, but it's a work in progress deal.

Roran's hobbies include drawing, reading, music, concert and fashion photography, writing, her cat, odd things, ranting, amassing an ungodly amount of books, hating her job, chain smoking, getting piercings and tattoos (eight-teen and five, respectively), researching things for characters, chicken pot pie, being lazy, procrastinating, lurking the internet, e-stalking her favorite band, and, being terrified of needles, roaches, and ovens.

She's not terribly certain that she's very interesting, which will play a huge factor in a most certain lack of updates to the livejournal account she got only so she could e-stalk Ree and continue to read Emerson, which to her dismay, is no longer going to be posted to fictionpress. Yet, she supposes that she could perhaps just post her short stories if nothing else.